Territory Manager : The sectoring solution


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Geographical sectoring for better team organization

Geoconcept Territory Manager, the cloud solution that fairly distributes activity, teams and resources Accessible, simple, fast and efficient, Geoconcept Territory Manager is THE benchmark web solution for fairly distributing operations, teams and resources on a geographical basis. Thanks to this intuitive tool, sales managers, schedulers and decision-makers define omni-channel strategies with a view to performance: balanced sales targets, optimal market coverage and improved field team productivity. All the advantages of the cloud combined within a strategic solution for building balanced, realistic and profitable sectors in just 3 steps: 1. Display one’s organization: view the current geographical distribution of activity, teams and resources (customers, regional agencies, points of sale, warehouses, assigned areas...) 2. Understand one’s organization: identify the imbalances and dysfunctions jeopardizing achievement of the objectives: oversized geographical sectors, unfair potential, customers not covered...; 3. Optimize one’s organization: automatically balance sectors (workload, quantities to be delivered, distance to be covered, potential turnover…), change objectives and anticipate changes to define the optimal apportionment of activity and resources. . What are the benefits from this offer? Geoconcept’s team is answering on Optimization’s project for its customers. Upstream, it’s important to understand if the company is well organize on the geography. Geomarketing solutions, such as Territory Manager, allow you to study potential for a geographic area: you can assess current performance and set up the required sectorization and organisation so the whole of the market is efficiently covered. Automated sectorization tools featuring notions of balancing potential, travel time between customers/prospects, sales history, or even proximity of zones in relation to each other, allow you to establish an optimized sales map that is fit for purpose in relation to available resources.

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