Smart Contract Risk Analysis

Autor: Gramener Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Document summarization and assessment

Contract writing, review and risk identification is a challenge for most companies. This involves heavy manual efforts and is a tedious task. Given the volume of contracts that companies process every day, this problem needs immediate attention. Artificial Intelligence is disrupting industries and the commercial applications of AI are solving problems across functions. AI has particularly strong ability to handle and make sense of unstructured data. It has shown great potential to solve challenges with natural language processing. Gramener’s Smart Contract risk review solution solves the challenge of legal document review in companies. Our solution takes an AI-driven approach to identify risk in contract documents. Deep learning language models trained on millions of text documents identify and classify every clause in the NDA/MSA documents. Additionally, the solution flags-off risky clauses by making it easier to review and approve those that need attention. Built as a Azure cloud-based SaaS offering, our solution can be readily adopted (The app requires AAD admin permissions). The solution can be further fine-tuned based on specific needs of an organization, such as custom-defined classes or geography-specific legal clauses. Hours spent reviewing documents can be cut down to just minutes.

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