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Gravity Supply Chain Solutions is an intelligent digital supply chain management solution.

Looking for an intelligent supply chain management solution that improves customer satisfaction, provides real time visibility, increases speed to market, mitigates risks, and is accessible with the most user-friendly interface on the market?

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions is a platform that enables businesses to take the leap from analog to digital, through to cognitive supply chain management, by providing fast, effective digitization, and unrivaled control of the supply chain. The digital component makes supply chain management more efficient; the cognitive component makes supply chain management smarter, and analytical.

The core value of Gravity Supply Chain is that it enhances the ability of businesses, such as retailers and brands, to substantially increase their speed to market so to meet the demands of modern consumers, who expect the latest on-trend items to be in stock and delivered to them immediately. As a result, Gravity Supply Chain improves consumer loyalty, and sales opportunities for businesses, by allowing them to get their customers what they want, when they want it.

Gravity’s technology facilitates timely deliveries to customers, by providing valuable, real time insights across a company’s supply chain, allowing firms to make data-driven decisions that optimize their logistics and supply networks.

The platform further increases supply chain efficiency by automating manual processes of product development, and shipping, saving companies significant time and allowing them to focus on areas that grow their business.

Gravity Supply Chain also offers powerful predictive, and preventive analytics, driven by AI and ML, that inform businesses of supply chain disruptions ahead of time (due to factors such as extreme weather, economic turbulence, or port congestion), enabling companies to mitigate risks and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Last but not least, Gravity Supply Chain breaks down communication silos between partners in the supply chain (such as vendors, retailers and logistics providers), by allowing them to share and access business critical data on a single digital platform, improving collaboration, and productivity.

By using Gravity Supply Chain, users can achieve:

  • Increased Speed: Up to a 60 percent reduction in average cycle time from design brief to production.
  • Reduced Administration: Up to an 18 percent reduction in labor cost.
  • Data Integrity: Up to a 64 percent increase in the integrity of real time data.
  • Better Quality: Up to a 40 percent reduction in quality defects.

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