New Recycle Experience Solution Platform

Autor: greenYng

GreenYng is a smart platform for recycling

GreenYng is a smart platform for recycling, that offers a totally new motivational approach focused on the citizen and its recycling experience, making it more fun, educational and real rewarding experience. Citizens get "Greenings", points worth money for their efforts for getting a better world, that they could then exchange with products and services of those providers subscribed to the platform.
On the other side of the platform are local governments and collectors, to which we offer the Smart Operations platform. Where they get real time monitoring of the current status of their waste collection network. With it they could also influence citizens and dynamics of the city in a positive way, by for example; citizens could check for "Which garbage bin is pain more GreenYngs today?", promoted by local government , offering more points at particular time by taking their recycling material to other garbage bin a bit farther in distance but that is more empty. Another example could be that local governments would be able to launch special offers to exchange GreenYngs worth more if the citizen buys on local shops or a particular high street they want to promote.
Of course, in smart operation it is implicit the possibility to do real time monitoring of the network of containers in order to improve collection routes. Collectors and local Government will also have the possibility to see the quality of the material being collected, and hence able to monitor in a better way their recycling ratios.

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