Smart Treasury Management Solution

Autor: Groupe AZUR Inc

EFS is a Smart Treasury Management Solution offered as a SaaS.

EFS focuses on the following areas:

- Banking connectivity

- Smart Rolling Forecast - Strategic liquidity planning - Financial risk management

EFS brings many benefits to your Treasury Department:

1. Consolidate your Microsoft Excel files to take advantage of best treasury management practices. Eliminate manual data entry and manage your day-to-day business with a solution that centralizes your operations and cash flow data.

2. Streamline and automate your operations. Automatically generate and view your liquidity positions and benefit from the right BI approach and create value with your cash flow data. Can be integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.

3. Optimize your financial decisions with proficient AI algorithm implementations using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Services to provide automatic categorization and matching of your transactions coupled with automatic generation of cash flows from your enterprise historical transactions.

4. Reduce the risk of fraud. Define controls with alerts to quickly detect potential cases of fraud and react much more quickly.

5. Maximize the efficiency of your treasury team. Collaborate in real time with your colleagues with secure Internet connectivity and powerful Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

We provide extensive treasury services to complement the EFS offering:

1. Treasury Diagnosis - We provide in-depth analysis and ROI research to highlight the benefits and value of deploying a TMS in your treasury department.

2. Expert Advice - Our team of experienced treasurers will guide you in implementing cash management best practices to get the most out of your TMS and advanced financial products.

3. Business Intelligence - Our BI and AI experts help you analyze and leverage your treasury data. They propose work sessions on creating and defining reports and decision-support tools for your teams and the general direction of your organization.

4. SWIFT Network Integration - As SWIFT experts, we help you receive your daily bank statements, make payments and generate automated direct debit instructions.

5. Integration and Payment Tests - Our team supports you in the process of integrating your internal and external systems, your banks and payment trials for a successful and turnkey implementation.

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