Office 365 Performance Monitoring-GSX Gizmo


GSX Gizmo for Office 365: End-User Experience monitoring & reporting tool for pure Cloud and Hybrid

GSX Solutions provides you with Robot Users that consume Office 365 services exactly as your users would, from your locations, and correlates their experience with your network & IT environment.

They provide you with the data you need to understand, troubleshoot and share with Microsoft the true end-user experience delivered to your business lines.

GSX Solutions is specialized in Full Cloud & Hybrid deployments. It is the only tool that restores full visibility on the service that is truly delivered to your end users.

GSX Robot Users test both Office 365 & on-premises services (Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Azure AD Connect, ADFS, MDM servers, Network components), restoring full visibility on everything that can impact the end user experience.

The GSX Robot Users are using the exact same protocols as the users and perform the same actions such as sending mails, downloading attachments, performing Skype for Business calls, searching for documents, creating meetings, uploading files on OneDrive, and much more.

With GSX Solutions, you now have trustful and unbiased data that enables your company to reduce end-user complaints, increase productivity, reduce finger pointing and mean time to repair.

GSX value proposition:

  • Capture the true end-user experience, Cloud or Hybrid, from your locations
  • Easily spot everything that impacts user satisfaction
  • Solve your Office 365 performance issues with end-to-end service tracking

  • With GSX Solutions, you can now work with Microsoft in good faith to continuously improve your end user experience.

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