Haivision Lightflow Encode

Autor: Haivision Systems Inc

Adaptive content analysis for assets and live feeds to increase video quality and control costs

Haivision Lightflow Encode uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to determine the optimal bitrate ladder and encoding configuration for every individual video. This results in significant bitrate reductions and perceptual quality improvements, ensuring that you realize an optimized cost-quality value.
  • Intelligent Encoding - Per title and per scene smart video analysis for optimized quality-to-bitrate encoding

  • Ultra-fast AI Encoding - Parallel processing option for encoding up to 5x real-time video

  • Support for 4K Video - Flexible multi-codec and 4K support for savings up to 45%

  • Packaging and DRM - Optional packaging and DRM for protected delivery of HLS, MPEG-DASH and more

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