ARMED Early Intervention & Prevention Solutions

Autor: HAS Technology Ltd

ARMED combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology

Prevention is better than cure

ARMED provides wearables and environmental sensors to help with self-management and early risk identification, allowing intervention and ultimately prevention.

ARMED (Advanced Risk Modelling for Early Detection) works by using wearable technologies to measure health metrics that correlate with a higher risk of health decline (such as dehydration, restlessness at night, immobility, weight loss, loss of muscle mass, etc). The measurements from these devices are then sent to a mobile device via Bluetooth - where they feed into our back-end data analytics solution.

ARMED’s mission is simple:

“To provide technology enabled care solutions which empower people to remain independent in their home for longer.”

ARMED was developed in recognition of the growing importance of prevention and self-management. Capturing data from an individual and their home environment and combining with powerful machine learning allows changes to be identified so that action can be taken.

Data from the wearables can be combined with various other data feeds, with some of our other pilot sites choosing to combine information from the wearable technologies with social care data such as quantitative electronic call monitoring information, qualitative wellbeing information, qualitative assessment information and Service User feedback.

Once in our back-end analytics solution, ARMED triangulates all of the data captured to create a 'risk profile' for each Service User, correlating their health metrics over any given period of time, so the Council will be able to identify a health decline in a Service User - before a health event happens and interventative care is required. ARMED focuses on highlighting risk in individuals with complex needs, so that care can be focused in the areas where it truly needs to be, with less staff / resource required. ARMED brings benefits to individuals and their families, Care Providers and the wider community. By encouraging self-management and identifying at-risk individuals sooner, there is potential to save millions of pounds from the public purse.

Additionally, it is acknowledged as to the importance of Housing is now recognised as an important part of someone’s wellbeing - alongside their care and support. Monitoring various aspects of the home environment has benefits for the individual and the housing provider. Earlier intervention to issues within a property will provide for an improved tenant experience as well as reduce the reactive costs, allow strategic decisions regarding budget & resourcing priorities and positively increase the longevity of the building fabric. Data captured from environmental based sensors, collected via low power, long range networks such as LoRa facilitates a cost-effective manner for collecting data. Such data is then captured within ARMED solution with escalating risks identified arising from this.

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