HCL Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform

Autor: HCL Technologies Limited.

Automate and Optimize your 5G/4G Access Network

The CSP’s are growing over time. Network complexity is getting more and more significant when introducing more technologies now with 5G coming and O-RAN architecture which need to be manage between all the technologies.
Emerging technologies :
    • O-RAN ecosystem
    • Narrowband IoT
    • Next-generation voice
    • Mobile network solutions
Mobile Operators’ Business Challenges
    • Network Management - managing the network and multiple technologies in terms of layer management, mobility management, interference management
    • Power savings - managing this costly resource as consumption continues to increase
    • Performance - balancing performance and return on the investment for optimal customer experience and satisfaction
    • Traffic management - understand where customers need capacity and how to deliver it in the most efficient way
    • Smart Investment - Capex reduction is also a challenge that can be address if you use your network infrastructure more efficiently by load balancing application for example
    • Mobility - managing the services to deliver fast-moving mobile experiences
HCL Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform
HCL ANA is a next-generation SON platform that enables communications service providers (CSPs) to simplify network management complexity with a closed-loop network automation environment that supports multi-vendor, multi-technology deployments. The HCL ANA Platform collects and processes vast amounts of data in real-time from most network domains (i.e., radio to transport to core) to automatically predict, configure, and optimize multi-domain networks with self-healing techniques

      • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership - Reduce up to 20% cost of on-premise high end graphic hardware with optimal deployment of Azure services
      • Increased Engineering Mobility - Increase mobility of engineering workforce with up to 30% increase in performance and reliability
      • Improved Collaboration - Improved collaboration between OEM engineers and Suppliers
      • Operational flexibility - Chose from the flexible operational packages from purpose built to managed operations


    • Automating Network Optimization
    • Integrating New and Legacy Technology
    • Intelligent Energy Savings
    • Data Manipulation
Azure Services
    • IoT Services, AKS Cluster, API Services, Azure Kafka, Azure Key Vault, Azure Monitor
    • VMs - Standard_D8s_v3, Standard_E8as_v4, Standard_E8as_v4,Standard_E8as_v4 - Total 12 (Base Config), Azure Scale set

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