hopit Edge

Autor: HEAP Engineering GmbH

PLC to Cloud Data Streaming & Beckhoff IPC Management

Hopit is an IoT Platform to stream data from Siemens-, Beckhoff- or B&R PLC's and other OPC UA and Modbus devices to the Azure IoT Hub or other MQTT Broker.

Edge Devices are completely manageable via its digital Device Twin which enables scalable remote management.

For Beckhoff IPC's, the included CI/CD pipeline provides a complete industrial DevOps process, including the roll-out of TwinCAT projects and Security Updates.

Use hopit Edge for:
  • Streaming data from ADS, S7, PVI, Modbus or OPC UA Devices to the Azure IoT Hub or MQTT Broker
  • Store and visualize all data directly on the Edge Device
  • Manage Beckhoff IPC's at scale with the included CI/CD pipeline for TwinCAT projects
  • Use TwinCAT Hardware-in-the-Loop tests before roll-out
  • Keep Edge Devices updated with the latest security updates
  • Manage all hopit Edge instances via its digital Device Twin at scale

  • Setting up the data pipeline from the shopfloor to local dashboards or cloud services is easily configurable without any programming knowledge.

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