Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus

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Heimdal™ Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus - NGAV & MDM

Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus Key Benefits

These unique risk detection and mitigation functionalities come in a unique UTP (Unified Threat Platform) that will take your EDR management to the next level.

Local Signature-Based File Scanning

Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus uses signature-based code scanning to monitor the activity of your organization’s files in order to protect your endpoints against malware, ransomware, APTs, and other types of threats. You can perform file scans in real-time, as a permanently active process, or you can run scheduled or on-demand scans for your endpoints to detect any suspicious activity.

Real-Time Cloud Scanning

The cloud-based technology is integrated into our Next-Gen Antivirus to enhance endpoint threat remediation and to deliver an impeccable, market-leading detection rate. All unknown files are sent to our cloud for scanning. With 1000 CPU cores running advanced detection algorithms powered by machine learning, Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus adds another dimension to detection and mitigation.

Sandbox and Backdoor Analysis

Every file in your organization should be impeccable, just like Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus’s detection rate. If scanned files do not appear as malware, they will be isolated in our sandboxing system and examined for malicious behavior. The inspection also includes checking the file communication to see if it tries to establish contact with Command and Control servers. Malicious activity will be stopped at its roots to provide unparalleled endpoint threat remediation.

Process and Behavior-Based Scanning

Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus, the next-gen Antivirus, has the ability to detect code changes at all levels. Once files start to execute, Heimdal™ Next-gen Endpoint Antivirus will monitor processes and process changes with Heuristic, behavior-based engines powered by AI. In an ever-changing threat landscape, impeccable detection and powerful mitigation are considered fundamental security layers.

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