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Augmented Store


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Augmented Store is a solution designed to implement a completely new customer journey in the retail

Augmented Store applies to any retail industry, innovates the shopping experience in terms of 4.0 and supports retailers who want to offer an emotional experience with the help of Mixed Reality. Thanks to Augmented Store, the company can show the full range of its products without the need for large exhibition areas. With Microsoft Hololens, the consumer can see the holograms of the products as miniatures (or in full scale if the experience focuses on a single item and not on an elaborate room), laying on a horizontal surface, and walks around them to appreciate every detail. With a MR immersive headset, customers can immerse themselves in the company's virtual showroom, a digital exhibition space in 1:1 scale, where they can view all the products as if they were real and interact with them by changing colours and finishes. Customers live the retail experience using Microsoft HoloLens and Mixed Reality Headset: these devices allow them to visualize the top products of the shopping experience in immersive and holographic mode, both in full and customised scale. The experience can be enriched by other Microsoft products like Microsoft Surface Studio 2: these products are available to sellers and store managers through a UWP APP that exploits the potential of the touchscreen and the quality of the Surface display to guide customers into their shopping experience. The seller can interact with the virtual space in which potential customers are immersed to guide them through the visit and show them the different finishes or models of the items for sale. This step avoids the direct interaction of those customers who may not know the MR device and could so be "victims of technological embarrassment". They can, therefore, focus exclusively on the experience and not on the product.