HxGN j5 Operations Management Solution

Autor: Hexagon Asset Lifecycle Intelligence

Digitalize Your Plant Operations

Hexagon j5 provides a tried-and-tested operations management solution with spreadsheet-like configurability and enterprise scalability.  Hexagon’s j5 is a modular solution, with components including the j5 Operations Logbook, j5 Shift Handover, j5 Operator Rounds, j5 Standing Orders, j5 Work Instructions and j5 Control of Work. It also includes j5 IndustraForm® Templates, the j5 IndustraForm Designer, the ability to integrate with many external systems, as well as built-in mobility for IOS, Android and Windows devices.

Primary benefits of Hexagon j5:

  • Improved visibility of worker-driven information, especially in Operations and HSE
  • Improved decision-making arising from improved access to information
  • Consistency in business process execution
  • Control and verification of compliance
  • Improved safety of workers
  • Improved efficiency of processes, improved communications between workers, reduced risk of human error
  • Consistent, data-centric approach to worker-driven information management

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