3D Product Configurator with Dynamics

Autor: Hexaware Technologies

Enable organizations to enhance their B2B/B2C Commerce with 3D configuration of their products

In B2B sales, a configurator is often part of configure, price, quote (or CPQ) software. Hexaware’s configurator helps companies to collect customer orders on complex and detailed products. The configurator enables a customer to provide specific details and parameters so they can envision how a product will look or perform. The company then uses configured details to ship the requested item.

Hexaware also enables B2C companies to deploy 3D configurators on their websites, especially on product pages, so that customers can see alternate sizes, colors, and other attributes.

The 3D Configurator is powered by Azure and Dynamics 365. The benefits of implementing Hexaware’s solution are:

Drives Sales:

· Provide more accurate price quotes, and offer more chances to sell related products

· Increase in sales and decrease the time to final sale

· Improve the quality of leads

Elevates the Customer Experience:

· Improve CX with products and brand

· Expand customer’s ability to personalize products and increase control over shopping process

· Build confidence in potential customers and convert them to online buyers

Empowers Marketing and Advertising:

· Provide customers the ability to configure products based on various product combination

· Increase the time users spend on company websites, engaging with the brand and its products

Features part of the 3D Product Configurator:

· 3D Product Visualisation and Configuration

· Virtual Try-outs

· Rule engine for authoring and configuration of products

· Easy to integrate with existing investments on infrastructure

* Hexaware also offers plans for immersive content creation. For more information, reach out to us at

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