Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence (SSVI)

Autor: Hitachi Vantara

Smart Spaces with Insights Improves Efficiency, Maximize Safety, and Enhance Our Experience.

Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence Combine the Power of IoT, Big Data and Analytics for Better Outcomes. Harnesses the power of alerts, geospatial visualization and graphical analysis of unlimited layers of data from cameras, lidar sensors and IoT sensors, people, vehicles and buildings along with social media data and statistical information. 

◾ Support smarter operations for public safety and security, traffic and transit, airports and ports, campuses and retail.
◾ One integrated view of activity, operations and safety issues with intelligence for real-time data and analysis.
◾ Gather data from video cameras, IoT sensors, social media and other sources already in use.
Unite Disparate Data
◾ Integration of disparate systems and sensors provides connected Intelligence
◾ Unify video, IoT and social media data, as well as analytics on a single pane of glass
Find Holistic Insights
◾ Extend capabilities across departments or multiple organizations with user specific layers
Get Advanced Analytics
◾ Mobilize geospatial intelligence, statistical insights and predictive analytics for proactive action
A Single Pane of Glass
◾ Integrated with market leading video management systems
◾ Geospatial visualization of multiple data types
◾ Real-time alerts from multiple systems
◾ Advanced insights and dashboards
◾ Role based permissions across departments
◾ Video wall and multiple screen support
Transform Surveillance Cameras into Smart City Sensors
◾ Face Collector
◾ Intrusion Detector
◾ Object Detector
◾ Video Enhancer
◾ Activity Visualizer
◾ People Counter
◾ Queue Detector
◾ Direction Controller
◾ License Plate Recognizer
◾ Parking Space Analyzer
◾ Traffic Analyzer
◾ Vehicle Counter
◾ Motion Detection with Lidar Sensors
Social Data Integration
 ◾ Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer (SIA)
◾ Understand online conversations
◾ Improve the safety of their communities and security of their assets
◾ Use filters and keywords to analyze real-time open source data


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