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Analytical Project Management Software that helps you to manage complex project at ease.

The right tool for your job

Plan – Implement – Monitor – Control – Mitigate - Success

HUMWORKS is a homegrown project management solution that offers multiple tools to help you manage projects better and making data-driven decisions quicker.

The secrets to our customers' success - Mix and match to get your ideal solution

1. Portfolio Management: Manage stakeholders' licenses and permissions to maintain their accountabilities & responsibilities.

2. Scheduler: Designed for project managers to develop a schedule, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analysing workloads.

3. Site Diary/ Daily Journal: View, monitor, measure resources and report daily progress activities on site and workplace.

4. Contract Management: Gain transparency in your contracts by effectively creating and managing them all in one place, allowing for deeper analysis and more wise decisions.

5. Risk Management: Automatically identify, prioritise, track, and mitigate potential risks and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

6. Issues Management: Identify and resolve unexpected issues according to its severity, before it becomes a threat to the project's objectives.

7. Incident Management: Track incidents by creating injury and damage records to alert relevant stakeholders and take preventative actions to minimise losses.

8. Action Management: Drive better performance by delegating and tracking ad-hoc tasks such as special requests.

9. Change Control Management: Accurately capture the dates and the cost and time impacts of variations, be it enhancement, defects, or new requirements.

10. Land Acquisition: Automate the creation, processing, and overall management of complicated documentation workflows.

11. Report Builder: Automatically generate a custom report. Build queries, combine, configure, and view datasets in SQL Dataset, API Dataset, JavaBean, and JSON Dataset.

12. Business Intelligent Dashboard: Visually pleasing, reliable, and organised dashboard with all the insights needed for accurate decision-making.

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