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Digital solution for internal commutation between stores and head offices

This application is available only in French

Idélink is the digital solution for retailers which allows to empower each member of your network. By using Idélink, fully integrated solution, you provide a user-friendly mobile app and makes your internal communication easier and efficient, for employees, who will stay in touch with the company, everytime, everywhere.

This simple app you can provide key informations to all your network, which will be, for sure, collect all the data you need, at anytime and anyplace. You can also measure your flows and make your organisation performs its communication. 

Inform your network and connect each employee thanks to a personalised mobile app. Full modular solution, Idelink is built to fit your company and help you through the internal communication within your business organization. Your employee feel fully heard and involved, which foster a corporate culture within your company. 

• A SaaS platformSimplify your life with a simple and secure solution. Immediately used as soon as it is designed! 

• A custom app
Designed by you and for you, the application is fully scalable. The richness of our catalog paves the way for infinite possibilities and will allow your business organization to reach happiness and efficiency.

• A full support
Changing its communication system will no longer be an uphill struggle. Idélink sets up for you a tailor-made solution for your network to develop.

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