IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization

Autor: IFS

IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization—strategic operational tools for mobile resource planning

After-sales service and maintenance have become critical components in many organizations’ offerings to their customers. In an increasingly commoditized world, it is often a key differentiator. IFS Planning & Scheduling Optimization (IFS PSO) enables you to better manage the strategic, operational and tactical elements of field service resource planning. It allows you to forecast and model requirements for better strategies and improve planning and rostering for more efficient operations, reducing your costs and improving SLA compliance and other target-based performance metrics.

At the heart of IFS PSO lies the AI-powered IFS Dynamic Scheduling Engine™ (IFS DSE), which continually searches for improvements and better service margins. It delivers advanced scheduling capabilities including sophisticated models like ‘late-as-possible’ scheduling for optimal travel between assignments and depot pick-ups, and extended functionality for pick up drop off (PUDO) locations.

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