ProcureTechBud - Your Ultimate AI powered Procurement Assistive Decision Making and Procurement Process Management Tool

Autor: IGT Solutions

An AI powered procurement assistive decision making and process management tool


Are you tired of the manual procurement grind? As a procurement specialist – evaluating right vendors, ensuring total compliance and the most effective order purchase from an array of options rely majorly on manual research, past experience, time-consuming comparisons, and subjective decision-making. It is time for this to change! Unshackle your organization’s potential with IGT's Procurement CoPilot, where innovation meets excellence! Powered by TechBud.AI's cutting-edge generative AI, it's time to revolutionize vendor management, amplify compliance, and make procurement a breeze.

Problem Solved!

Ditch the old, embrace the bold! Traditional procurement is a thing of the past. IGT’s Procurement CoPilot, turbocharged by TechBud.AI's Gen AI, rewrites the rulebook. Say goodbye to suboptimal choices, soaring costs, and missed opportunities. Say hello to efficiency redefined.

Elevate Procurement with the Gen AI Touch:

Effortless Partner Interactions: Our CoPilot streamlines partner engagements, saving 10% of your time for strategic decisions.

Crystal Clear Contracts: Bid farewell to jargon confusion. CoPilot brings 95% more clarity to contract examinations.

Seamless Vendor Engagement: Our CoPilot ensures consistent responses for a seamless vendor experience.

Right Info, Right on Time: No more delays. Our CoPilot ensures prompt delivery of the right data to the right people.

Policy Adherence, Every Time: Your vigilant compliance companion. Our CoPilot guarantees adherence to policies and procedures.

Pinpoint Perfect Matches: Let Procurement CoPilot's Gen AI precision lead the way in vendor shortlisting.

Efficient RFP Creation: Watch efficiency soar as our CoPilot handles RFP creation with AI-powered finesse.

Pro Negotiation Skills: Procurement CoPilot, a negotiation pro, hones in on terms, prices, penalties, and more.

Lock-Tight Data Security: Your data, your rules! CoPilot ensures secure access with Gen AI-backed role-based control.

See the Bigger Picture: Gain valuable supplier insights with Gen AI analytics for performance evaluation.

Savings That Count: Watch expenses melt away! CoPilot provides cost-saving recommendations.

Insightful History: Analyze interactions and audit with Gen AI-enhanced historical conversations.

Target Customers:

Whether you're a dynamic startup or an established enterprise, a seasoned procurement professional, or a decisive decision-maker, our Gen AI-driven CoPilot is your game-changer. Serving every link in the supply chain, from buyers to vendors, carriers, and even sellers, Procurement CoPilot revolutionizes the way you do business.

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