Online content hosting and delivery

Autor: Illuxi Intelligence

Cloud-based, content hosting and delivering platform for trainings and online events


illuxi supports experts and organizations to host, market and design online trainings, remote professional services, virtual events, live videos and podcasts on our cloud platform. We are also experts in interactive e-learning. Our training acts as an accelerator, catalyzing learning by offering experiences imitating the reality of our customers.

Our users 

 Our clients are SME's and large corporations' that want to invest in their ability to complete operations online, offer services online and invest in their employees' professional skills. 

Technology should never be an obstacle. We have support and accommodation packages for you.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses have to move their daily operations online and offer their services remotely in order to comply with physical distancing. At illuxi, we offer a turnkey content delivering platform. We do e-learnings, online events, telemedicine, online professional consultations and many more, remotely! Organisations have less and less budget for training, travelling and face to face meetings. Our delivery platform requires no travelling and face to face meetings. Additionally our proprietary immersive trainings are time efficient since our we can reduce the length of the traditional training at least by half.

As we offer several services online (online events, e-learnings, telemedecine) we have a lot of competitors. But our differentiator is that we offer a turnkey solution. We have a team of experts and developers that help our clients reach their goal online and that can help build those solutions.

Our platform collects and analyze data in real time. Each action by a user generates data. That’s where our technology comes in. By using machine learning and cognitive modeling techniques, illuxi generates an augmented dashboard that measures users bahviors. This valuable metric also helps our clients engage in predictive analytics to improve operational efficiency.

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