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An open data delivery platform for data ingest, inquiry, and insight.

Incorta is an open data delivery platform. Incorta uses smart lakehouse technology to give users the ability to extract data simultaneously from many ERP systems and sources, refresh data incrementally and deliver that data to cloud storage, cloud warehouse, or any other business application required.

Incorta uses a proprietary analytics engine to ingest, model, map, and deliver data anywhere your business requires it for reporting and analytics.

Discover how Incorta’s smart lakehouse technology can help your enterprise manage and deliver operational source system data with ease to Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks, and Azure Synapse. Incorta's smart lakehouse technology will accelerate your cloud migration and speed up the development of analytics, reporting, and AI.

  • ERP Data Access: Incorta creates a digital twin of your operational sources, providing a superior ingestion, modeling, mapping, and delivery experience for business users and data engineers to interact with the most accurate and up-to-date data without limitations or delay.
  • Embedded Data Security: Fine-grained security that can duplicate application-level security to enable analytics on sensitive and private data.
  • Prebuilt solutions: AI-driven templates that automate the ingestion, modeling, and mapping process to increase data quality and reduce data engineers' overhead while delivering frequently refreshed, trusted, and secured data to your Lakehouse of choice.

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