NAVIK Sales AI for Product Assortment Optimization

Autor: Infogain Corporation

NAVIK Sales AI for Assortment Optimization determines the optimal product assortment for any channel

NAVIK Sales AI for Product Assortment Optimization unleashes the full potential of sales teams by helping them derive the optimal product assortment for any sales channel or retail establishment. NAVIK Sales AI can be used by all types of consumer product, retail and food service companies. Designed for sales and category assortment teams, the solution includes a flexible and modern user interface. NAVIK Sales AI delivers intuitive, business ready recommendations to business leaders without the need for intervention and support from data science and technical teams. Our embrace of explainable AI helps business users and their buyers quickly understand the rationale behind recommendations.

NAVIK Sales AI for Product Assortment Optimization is powered by our Digital Twin of the Customer technology framework. We process a wide variety of data types including historical shipment data, operational data, third-party data sources, marketing analytics and much more to derive powerful, forward-looking assortment insights.

NAVIK Sales AI can be deployed within your Azure cloud environment helping sales and category assortment leaders:

  • Uncover new monetization strategies. Selling strategies are identified by stitching together purchase history data, behavior of similar buyers, third-party data sources and more.
  • Generate sales efficiency. Sales and assortment teams can focus on execution instead of being bogged down with sales meeting preparation activities.
  • Derive insights that reflect your unique business. The user interface, analytical workflows and algorithms are optimized for your unique business model and promotional requirements.

The solution is powered by the following Azure OpenAI services:

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo
  • Cognitive search
  • Text embedding model

The tool includes four modular and flexible platform components:

  • Data integration connectors and pipeline scripts automate data processing, integration and data pipeline automation.
  • An AI / ML library provides custom developed, high-trained algorithms utilizing the latest AI and Machine Learning techniques.
  • A UI library offers pre-built components enabling custom workflow configurations to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Setup and deployment accelerators for infrastructure and application deployment help rapidly deliver production ready solutions.

If you require a product assortment automation tool that can be customized for the unique requirements of your business please reach out to learn more about NAVIK Sales AI for Product Assortment Optimization.

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