Infosys Soln for Slot Booking, Wear Reco, Scan&Pay

Autor: Infosys Ltd

OMNI solution can be used by Retailers to ensure a safe shopping experience for the customers

1.    OMNIXSLOT - Detailed Description

The Infosys RCLDCG practice offers OMNIXSLOT booking solution. The OMNIXSLOT booking application enables the customer to book a visit as per their need. The Solution will help the retailers to have better control over the store visit. Post COVID-19 when people are more skeptical to visit stores, having OMNIXSLOT solution will help to gain the trust of the people as it will ensure social distancing protocols being followed, quicker checkouts and safe shopping.

Today the OMNIXSLOT booking is enabled for: In Store Visits, Buy Online Pickup Instore, Curbside Pickup, Meet Stylist, Virtual Appointments. For each appointment booked the user is sent a confirmation message on registered Email and SMS on registered phone. Reminders are also sent to the customer for Booked Appointments. The customer can at any point cancel the appointment. The OMNIXSLOT booking solution is a plug and play solution which can be easily deployed on cloud.

2.    OMNIXWEAR – Detail Description

OMNIXWEAR solution helps the customer to shop the complete look from a single page through mobile or other devices. OMNIXWEAR solution helps to minimize the shopping efforts required  and in turn enhance the customer experience. It uses styling algorithms to produce recommendations best suited for the customer. OMNIXWEAR solution is best suited option if you want to improve cross selling and upselling. The solution can be an add on feature to the existing features available on your website or mobile application. It is plug and play solution which can be easily deployed on cloud. The styling algorithm takes into consideration a number of parameters to come up with the right mix of product to complete the entire look. The solution also takes care of past purchases.

3.    OMNIXPAY Detailed Description

OMNIXPAY option is an upcoming trend in Touchless Payments. The OMNIXPAY allows the customer to scan the product to get relevant details and if they like it, they can instantly pay without the need to wait in long queue to checkout. The OMNIXPAY solution is cloud deployable. As contactless payments are becoming the most preferred choice of payment, OMNIXPAY solution will enhance the existing feature by adding more facets to it. The solution is made up of two parts Scan and Pay

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