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Competitive pricing and assortment intelligence for retailers to grow sales and compete profitably.

DataWeave’s AI-powered SaaS platform provides Competitive Intelligence as a Service by harnessing external competitive information available online, organizing it, and delivering it in a structured, easily consumable, and actionable form. Our insights are timely, highly accurate, and result from analyzing large volumes of data.

Retail Intelligence Solutions

  • Pricing Intelligence - Enhance your top-line and bottom-line by acting on opportunities to increase or decrease your prices for your entire catalog. Fuel your pricing strategy with information on your competition’s pricing and discounts along multiple dimensions.
  • Assortment/Merchandising Intelligence - Improve your customer acquisition and retention by hosting a wide range of in-demand products in your assortment. Identify and plug high-value gaps in your assortment, relative to the latest market trends.
  • Promotional Insights - Run smarter, data-driven online promotions using detailed insights on your competitors' promotional campaigns. Analyze historical promotional patterns to anticipate and respond to your competitors' promotions.

Why DataWeave?
  • Accuracy
    • We deliver unmatched data and product matching accuracy powered by human-aided machine intelligence. 
    • Due to our unique human-in-the-loop system, which feeds into our self-learning technology platform, we only get faster and more accurate with time.
  • Scale
    • Our proprietary data aggregator digs several layers deep into public web applications and captures several billions of data points from complex and diverse data sources. 
    • We address hyper-local use cases as well, with unique capabilities of accessing data from mobile applications, as well as for specific ZIP codes on eCommerce websites.
  • Actionable Insights
    • We transform data into insights that go far beyond just numbers and charts. At the click of a button, you gain in-depth actionable recommendations that result in tangible business benefits. 
    • To make life simpler for you, our world-class customer success team of domain experts is always happy to help you with customized analyses and insights.
  • Language Agnostic
    • Our language-agnostic technology platform processes data across a slew of international languages. 
    • We currently operate in 25+ languages globally, including German, French, Swahili, Mandarin, Korean, and several more.

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