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SmartPortal365 is the out of the box digital workplace based on Azure and Microsoft 365

This application is available in English, German.

  1. SmartPortal365 is an out of the box digital workplace solution based on Microsoft 365 services. SmartPortal365 is the digital hub for collaboration and communication. Our fast modern and responsive user interface simplify and accelerate your work and daily tasks like creating and editing and sharing documents, creating and editing and sharing corporate or team or project news, discovering and navigating trough the Microsoft 365 services (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive). Our intention is to simplify your daily Office tasks to be more productive.
  2. we address two audiences: the Microsoft 365 information worker can start to use our SmartPotal365 free version (For free with limited functionalities). The decision maker, can decide to order our professional version and give access to all employees in the company 
  3. SmartPortal 365 simplify the daily work with Microsoft 365 collaboration and communication services (SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive). We offers an innovative, easy and cost-efficient entry into the world of digital communication and collaboration. We lower the training and change adoption effort. We give our user the tools they need for they daily work. we give an answer to: what to user when?
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