Autor: INNODEP Inc.

Vurix is Hybrid cloud-based Data(Video) Management Solution.

Innodep Vurix, Video management Solution is designed based on hybrid datacenter application with Azure for public safety and nation security market. Multiple number of edge device from worldwide CCTV camera manufacturers integration to CCTV market and various intelligent analytics service such as Face Recognition, License plate Recognition, GIS, IoT Big data service are available to the customers. Every device can be integrated to Innodep Cloud Surveillance solution Innodep system has no limitation for applying other IoT devices and 3rd party analytics applications.
It is available for providing the most intelligent surveillance solution with processing and analyzing various kinds of data on the single system.
Customized Surveillance solution using Hybrid Cloud Platform
Innodep has extensive partnership pool with hardware, software, cloud infra, and AI services on cloud, so it is available to design the optimized end-to-end system for each customer’s needs.

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