ARPU Up Suite

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How to increase ARPU and generate a differentiated offer?

How to increase ARPU and generate a differentiated offer?

ARPU Up Suite is a suite of services that allows sending the user the right offer, according to his/her purchase and recharge history, via the user’s preferred channel. The following services are included:

    Zero Balance Loans
  • Balance Loans
  • Emergency Call
  • Package Loan
    ARPU Enhancement
  • Package Offer (PULL)
  • Invisible Offer (PUSH)
    Sending the right offer at the right time makes it possible to:
  • 1. ENCOURAGE CONSUMPTION, through products and services that stimulate purchases.
  • 2. INCREASE THE ARPU, accelerating both consumption and recharge.
  • 3. REDUCE THE CHURN, promoting the user’s activity through his/her new purchases.
    • IN Switch’s ARPU Up Suite has proven to be a success case with different mobile operators, even those having prior similar systems. Our platform increased their ARPU by 10% and their loans and data packages sales by up 600%. The success of ARPU Up is due to its technology and adequacy to each specific market where it operates.

      Exceptional Results:

      • Up to 6 times more transaction
      • CHURN reduction up to 5%
      • Up to 3 times more users using the service
      • ARPU increase up to 10%

      ARPU UP profiles and segments users, by machine learning based algorithms, determining the types of products and amounts to which they will have access.

      Our differential

      By sending the right offer -packages and loans specific for each user- at the right time, ARPU UP Suite obtains extraordinary conversion rates.

      • Technology: Adaptable to the needs of each market where it operates as well as to the needs of each user.
      • Approach Based on vast experience in diverse clients and markets, maximizing their results.
      • Proposal Managed solutions: commercial analysis and operation of massive and high-impact products.
      • Strategy INCREASE performance and use of traditional voice, messaging and data products, GENERATING new income through commissions and services with differentiated prices.

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