Intapp Walls for Copilot

Autor: Intapp

Confidently deploy Microsoft Copilot and maintain client confidentiality and trust

Intapp Walls for Copilot assesses and secures the foundational data for Microsoft Copilot. Intapp's Walls solution will support firms in the following ways:
  • Ensure a compliant rollout of Microsoft Copilot tailored to the specific compliance needs of professional and financial services firms by implementing appropriate security measures on your firm's data.
  • Prevent potential data oversharing and comply with your firm’s policies and obligations to clients and regulators by extending a proven security framework to Copilot.
  • Analyze oversharing risk in data sources connected to Microsoft Copilot using interactive dashboards

  • Manage and enforce permissions to Microsoft 365 data, such as SharePoint and Teams, which Copilot respects

  • Manage changes to client and engagement teams and update permissions in the respective data sources

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