AIM@F&B Smart Suite Analytics

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Smart Engagement with AI - Using Predictive data analytics to improve your F&B business

AIM@F&B® Smart Suite Analytics for F&B Business

Smart Engagement with AI Using Predictive data analytics to improve business

  • Digitize operation to enable customer to do self ordering and payment
  • Use predictive analytics to better visualize and discover customer needs, behaviour and value, to transform business & deepen relationships
  • Increase profitability and customer retention by improving insight and creating automated workflows that enhance decision-making.

At ISL, we bring 25 years of data mining experience to F&B industry. Big data analytics is important to the F&B industry as it allows you to know what consumers think of your brand, your service and your quality. You can act immediately through mobile devices and social listening.

  • Discover customer insight to improve profitability and productivity.
  • Engage customers through their smart phones.
  • Understand your customers’ behaviour through machine learning technology.
  • Allow ordering through mobile commerce & e-commerce using mobile payment
  • Automate fulfilment processes

Enabling you to Get, Grow & Retain your customers

  • Mobile ordering 
  • Order fulfilment Dashboards (Control Panel) enables Management to monitor business
  • One-Click Interactive Segment Chart for Sales & Marketing team to identify sales opportunities across customer segments, identify target markets, do effective promotions
  • Artificial intelligent discovery of life time value segments, cross selling opportunities and prediction of customer purchase patterns
  • AI enabled Loyalty Management to increase customer loyalty

Proof & Statistics

  • 50% of consumers like to use mobile for ordering and payment
  • Consumers do not like to wait for more than 5 minutes for order taker to come to take their order
  • Consumers do not like to wait for more than 3 minutes to queue to make payment
  • With this solution, you are able to
    • know individual customer dish preferences
    • know individual customer life time value
    • engage different customer segment with the right promotion
  • Business outcome

Our promise to you

Enjoy improved business and improved employee productivity through excellent business analytics, mobile ordering, mobile payment and fulfilment

An offer to get you started


  • To high life time value customer to improve return rate
  • Save manpower to engage customer by more than 20%

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