EHS Management System

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Manage, track and report on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) data.

Intelex is the world’s leading Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) Management software. Intelex’s scalable online platform is designed to store, manage and analyze Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) data in one place. The solution supports compliance and best practices across your organization to meet regulatory standards, decrease incident rates, and improve the health and safety of your workforce.

Let Intelex help you reduce incident rates, build a proactive safety culture, and reduce risk. With Intelex, your organization can: 

  • Monitor, investigate and report on incidents with the user-friendly mobile app and desktop software.
  • Communicate hazards and controls, prioritizing risk-reduction efforts, and ensure workers are educated about the risks associated with their jobs.
  • Submit safety observations in real time and assign corrective actions that prevent future incidents from occurring.
  • Asses and limit workers’ exposures to hazardous agents while streamlining the management of employee medical information and activities.
  • Manage compliance with international standards and regulations for safety such as OSHA, WSIB and more.

Manage environmental compliance and reporting. With Intelex, your organization can: 

  • Streamline air, water and waste emissions management. Track and report on environmental outputs to meet compliance and achieve sustainability goals.
  • Manage environmental permits and performance requirements for the ISO 14001 framework for more efficient resource usage.
  • Ensure accountability and increase accuracy for compliance-related tasks necessary to meet permit and regulatory requirements across the organization.
  • Manage compliance and reporting with the US EPA regulations, Environment Canada regulations, CEPA, ISO 14001, ISO 26001, GRI and more.

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