Intellibonds for Fixed Income Investors & Banks

Autor: InteliBonds Ltd

AI-Powered portfolio construction/rebalancing & credit risk predictions


IntelliBonds AI-powered SaaS platform assists with trade idea generation, predictive credit risk analytics and portfolio optimization. On average, our clients generate 20-100 bps improvement in investment return while lowering costs by 20-30%. Intellibonds solution architecture is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure which ensures the computational power, scalability and network security.

Key benefits

  1. Superior investment returns

Our proprietary Bond scoring engine identifies bonds, which are expected to outperform and suggests those as potential switches to a portfolio manager when rebalancing a portfolio while also ensuring the same or improved risk profile.

  1. Proactive risk management

Our sophisticated credit rating prediction engine generates early risk warnings, preventing forced selling at distressed prices.

  1. Cost Optimization

Our platform streamlines fixed Income investment decision process by bringing multiple datasets, algorithms and investment professionals under one roof. This translates into 20-30% operational cost savings.

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