Autor: IntelliTect

Affect change within and between environments in an efficient manner while limiting human errors.

Trellis is a web-based configuration tool designed for large enterprise applications. With CCB & MDM, Trellis automates the management of configuration data between environments. Change one environment and easily propagate it to many environments—at the click of a button. Additionally, snapshots of the configuration data are periodically recorded, and users can be alerted if changes are made.

Trellis simplifies the process of managing OUAF configuration by:

  • Automating configuration migration across environments through a simple, web-based user interface.
  • Identifying configuration differences between environments over time. 
  • Auditing changes to the configurations and alerting the user with details about the changes.
  • Tracking configuration changes to each environment by user and providing a robust “undo” capability.

Altering configurations throughout enterprise environments can be a daunting task. However, with Trellis, changes can be applied to any environment. Once complete, all the changes, or a portion of them, can be moved within the enterprise and verified quickly. 

Trellis allows for significant money and time savings and is a valuable addition to any team using CCB or MDM. The program’s built-in automation completes processes with fewer human errors while maintaining environment consistency. In the end, Trellis users’ efforts are significantly reduced.

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