GreenBox Logistics Management System


Logistics Management System Textile Recycling

GreenBox – Cloud based platform for optimized logistics of recycling companies. The platform is aimed at companies that gather various recyclable materials that play a crucial part in the circular economy. The platform works together with a mobile application that aids drivers on the completion of their schedules


What does Green Box Offer?

  • Optimized route planning based on inbuilt algorithms
  • Best location choice optimization following analyses and prognosis on statistical information
  • Reduced employees time for manual work and planning routines
  • Improved bonus schema on the employees based on statistics
  • Better informed operational and management decisions


Benefits of the platform:

  • Automatic schedules generation, based on historical data.
  • Clear view of all locations on the map
  • Real time schedule progress tracking.
  • Real time driving information and location tracking
  • Drill down information for regions, locations, schedules, bins and trucks
  • Route optimization for the drivers based on bins fill up rating and advanced algorithms
  • Expected truck load vs actual truck load comparison
  • Horizontal and vertical reporting functions
  • Possibility for the mobile application to work offline

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