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epShare by Interica

epSHARE is a comprehensive solution for subsurface data management and inter-team collaboration built within and integrating with the Microsoft SharePoint framework. Optimised to meet the requirements of subsurface asset teams, epSHARE offers industry professionals multi featured access to their data leveraging Microsoft SharePoint technology. Key benefits: 1. An asset level view across master data stores 2. ESRI GIS front end 3. Customisable PPDM virtual taxonomies for rapid and accurate searching 4. Automated metadata generation 5. Advanced sift and sort of data libraries for intuitive and flexible searching 6. Flexible deployment options 7. Integrated security permissions 8. Highly customisable by the end user epSHARE is the right choice for Subsurface groups looking to adopt a flexible and agile approach to data management. epSHARE offers a high level of functionality and performance without the need for heavy-weight, expensive and difficult to maintain proprietary solutions.
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