DoDo - smart delivery platform

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Do is a smart, Last-Mile delivery service driven by a proprietary SaaS logistics platform

DoDo uses a unique logistics platform, GAIA, that connects customer demand with our own fleet of vehicles or 3rd party logistics partners. GAIA is powered by advanced algorithms which gives DoDo the ability to deliver as efficiently as possible using big data, AI and automatization, with real-time reporting, predictive planning and KPI tracking.

DoDo uses a Dynamic Pricing that creates multiple pick up and drop off points on each route. This means DoDo can not only respond to customer demand, but also create it and maintain an “always on peak” business model to maximise overall efficiency.

The main features of this solution include:
  • Slot Management
  • Advanced route planning
  • Improved financial processes
  • Demand prediction
  • Multi-segment approach
  • Order Clearance Automation
  • Risk prediction / reduced driver accidents
  • DoDo “ERP“
  • Team of logistic experts ready to help with effective logistics planning
  • Excellent knowledge of best practices in Czech & CEE logistics market

Use Cases

This application is available for all e-commerce and fast food players, who recognise the increasing role of the Last Mile Delivery and want to provide their customers with the service they expect. DoDo’s service can be used both as LaaS or SaaS, due to our logistic platform GAIA.

Solution Benefits

Demand for Last-Mile Delivery is exploding. The problem with Last-Mile Delivery is that it is very expensive and unsustainable when providers operate with low volume and density. The future of Last-Mile Delivery lies in maximising slot utilisation from the moment a driver starts a delivery route. Our advanced predictive-time models assure peak-time identification and we can react quickly to the changing traffic status in a city. DoDo also uses GAIA together with Dynamic Pricing to create multiple demands per route. This means we can merge peak times, and it ensures lower costs and higher efficiency.

The main advantages for partners include easy implementation into their existing solutions and faster delivery providing an opportunity to build loyalty with customers. Satisfied consumers are willing to pay higher delivery charges for fast delivery and typically spend more in a month. Satisfied customers are also more likely to purchase at a higher frequency.

Thanks to our lean approach, we can scale our services in a way that suits our customers and especially the end consumers in the best possible way.

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