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Seamless integration of a webchat widget for your website and Microsoft Teams

WebChat offers efficient integration of chat widgets on websites for direct communication with end customers.

The conversation takes place seamlessly between Microsoft Teams and the chat widget, without the need to open an additional browser window.

The responsible employees are managed via the roles and policies of Microsoft Teams and therefore require no further user administration.

The configuration via SSO allows the adjustment of visually and functionally adjustments like colors, positioning and automatic responses.

Key Features

Simple setup - just add the app to your Microsoft Teams and embed a code snippet to your website and you are set to go

Make it seamless - design your WebChat as if it was developed just for your website

Unlimited users - increase your configurable channels with plans

Try it now with our free 30-day trial. After the trial period, you can select the plans you need and keep all the channels you have already configured.

Add a separate WebChat Channel to your Microsoft Teams like Sales/Support/HR and embed these Widgets to different pages on your Website to connect your visitors directly to the responsible team.

Create WebChat Channels for different languages, products or campaigns on your website and let the specialised contact persons answer the upcoming questions.

The user who adds the WebChat into a channel requires a plan.

This plan is linked to the channel and authorizes the use of a widget.

The plan is independent of how many people have access to the channel.

The person who added the WebChat can appoint further administrators for the WebChat, but only the person who added the WebChat needs a plan.

The setup is done in a few steps:

  1. add the webchat to the desired team channel
  2. test the configuration on the setup page
  3. optimize and individualize the settings on the setup page
  4. integrate the chat widget into your own website using a simple code snippet

Request approval

If you are unable to install the app, please contact someone with admin permissions in Microsoft Teams to activate the WebChat.

Go to

Third-party apps - choose „Allow specific apps and block all others“

Search for WebChat allow and add it.

We are happy to support you to succesfully integrate your WebChat into your website!

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