IoT.nxt Energy Management

Autor: IoT.nxt

Energy Management

The IoT.nxt solution enhances existing ecosystems and enables companies to experience a powerful resurgence with compelling benefits:

  • By connecting to existing HVAC systems and BMS applications, we can read energy usage and transfer these findings into usable and invaluable insights.
  • By supplementing existing legacy systems with sensors we can, for example, measure classroom occupancy against energy and actuate HVAC and BMS accordingly to use the minimum viable amount of energy possible with considerable savings in mind but also with student comfort in mind creating a happy medium.
  • Knowing the status of all things (equipment, suppliers, people) in the eco-system in real time, and building non-discretionary logic into this eco-system, fundamentally reduces waste at the source. Integrate, measure, analyse and actuate - the impact of this across the expansive value chain can be profound when iterated.

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