Data-driven Disaster Resilience

Autor: IPgallery

AI and Data-driven Management, Prediction & Reporting via Interactive Dashboard

Disaster Resilience powered by Microsoft Azure

IPgallery’s data-driven and AI based solution is helping Cities improve their ability to monitor, predict and respond to sudden shocks and long-term stresses, such as floods, wildfires and the Covid-19 pandemic. IPgallery’s solution enables to aggregate data from various sources, combine, analyze and visualize intelligent data with actionable insights. These enable authorities to predict, better understand, handle and mitigate situations effectively via beyond state of the art set of management tools and applications.


Data Collaboration & Smart City Services 

Leveraging transformational AI/ML, IoT and Cloud-Edge technologies with real-time data and advanced analytics, IPgallery’s Data Collaboration Platform & Smart City Services powered by Microsoft Azure offers a holistic data share between City, Agencies, Citizens, Businesses, and Service Providers. Implementation supports working form home and enhanced citizen engagement via a centralized Main Operation Center, and disruptive innovations for a wide cross-vertical portfolio of resilient, safe, clean, sustainable and livable smart city and urban mobility services.

Comprehensive Centralized Data Platform

Our innovative centralized Data Collaboration Platform helps cities maintain effective and efficient operations during the "new normal", utilizing any kind of data, from any source, in any format, any time, and anywhere —real-time and historical — for creation and sharing of intelligent data and actionable insights. While Data collaboration supports working form home (WFH) and enhanced citizen engagement, it allows addressing civic pain points by eliminating vertical and departmental data silos, and facilitates holistic progress towards being more data-driven in achieving smart and safe city goals. 

Sharing the Value of Data

Via a centralized, comprehensive and easy to use Data Collaboration Platform cities can effectively and efficiency maintain operations by  sharing data-driven actionable insights with the entire urban ecosystem. Automated data validation rules and real-time AI/ML preprocessing mechanisms provide intelligent contextual privacy-sensitive data without compromising on data accuracy and reliability. Resolving existing department silos and simplifying access to intelligent data sources and streams; improves safety, transportation, public health, and other citizen and business identified pain points; and enhances communication with residents to improve their daily life in the city.


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