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Scalable platform for building and continuously delivering mobile apps efficiently and effectively.

ConnectedMagiX is a cloud platform that enables you to gather more and better information on your customers’ preferences, analyze the information and translate your findings into revenue. With its location-awareness capability (Connected Mobile Experiences), the platform is designed to help you bring your customers’ location and identity together to create a new and effective channel of communication. This group of solutions is designed for the Hospitality, Museums, Education, and Retail Industries. ConnectedMagiX enables any venue visitors to stay connected all the time, by providing relevant mobile content while gaining meaningful analytics. It helps to create personalized mobile experiences for mobile end users and gain operational efficiency with location-based services. Using the Wi-Fi infrastructure to exploit the location awareness capabilities and communicating the right message, to the right person, at the right location.
ConnectedMagiX can support various platforms:
Due to the complex nature of universities, orientation can be extremely difficult thus IPMagiX provides a solution for learning management “MagiXEdu”. MagiXEdu focuses on instructors and management providing learning solutions like hybrid and virtual orientation and wayfinding, indoor navigation, recording and tracking attendees, online exams, assignments, and much more features. As we have experience in this field in the Middle East, we develop each solution depending on the client’s requirement to achieve his objectives with very flexible solutions.
MagiX Museum
IPMagiX is challenging the new everyday innovation due to the pandemic heavily impacting the financial side of museum operations causing dramatic income losses and altering the working conditions of museum staff.
IPMagiX develops “MagiXMuseum” a cloud/digital platform that provides an unprecedented traveling experience with a human touch. MagiXMuseum will help increase the traffic on cultural tourism and, accordingly, provide more opportunities for tour guides, reflecting positively on the economy. MagiXMuseum contains powerful features to face ongoing challenges and attract completely new visitors like hybrid and virtual tours, indoor navigation, pushing notifications, museum information, games, and quizzes to educate your visitors in a playful and entertaining way.
Delight your guests with MagiXConcierge, Create unique experiences & empower your staff. The design of MagiXConcierge was decisively thought out in terms of user-friendliness and scalability; along with managing & monitoring various requests & functions electronically & effectively, due to integration with PMS. Also, it provides an administrative Web page for inserting the hotel theme & relevant images. Thus, MagiXConcierge will have the hotel look & feel.
MagiXMall & Retail
IPMagiX provides a solution that equally focuses on the needs of both retailers and shoppers and caters to them in the best manner. MagiXMall &Retail is a mobile application that offers the mall shopper a wide range of services and features to make his/her shopping experience more pleasant. MagiXMall &Retail is designed for shopping mall customers for availing better channels to reach and communicate with mall visitors and shoppers via offering messages and advertisements while lowering the cost and burden of operations to mall management staff. It helps retailers send promotional messages, deals, and discounts to entice a number of customers. On the other hand, it helps customers explore the latest offers matching their interests.
MagiXPortal a Customized Captive Portal, allows shoppers to log on to the mall Wi-Fi network that builds over Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi and provides the Shoppers a better service and promotions and provides the shops with needed analytics about the number of visitors and their heat map.
ConnectedMagiX Features:
- Friendly user with high quality.
- custom-made solutions using the latest trends.
- Build on both Android and iOS.
- Advanced Wi-Fi network guest access portal to reach, interact and engage with your guests, clients, and visitors.
- Modern development tools.
- Guaranteed leading cloud service.
- Provides a unified layer for leveraging underlying location services infrastructure.
- Supports branding and industry themes.
- Notifications, Alerts, Ads, Reports, Dashboard, and analytics.
- Social Media integration.

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