MagiX Portal

Autor: Middle East Network Solutions - IPMagiX

User of a public-access network is obliged to view and interact with before accessing the Wi-Fi.

MagiX Portal, integrates with Microsoft SQL server for data storage and retrieval, in addition to, IIS for content serving. This is a transitioning solution that the user of a public-access network is obliged to view and interact with before access is granted to the Wi-Fi. MagiX Portal can be typically used by business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and other venues that will offer free Wi-Fi hot spots for Internet users.

Why MagiX Portal?

Captivating the user experience.

  • Branding, industry themes & features
  • Visitor profiling for identification and segmentation
  • Network access & Bandwidth Control
  • Meaningful reports & rich analytics
  • Ads and Promotions engine
  • Functions on Android and iOS
  • Opportunity to grow customer database
  • Ensure network security through User Acceptance Policy enforcement
  • Revenue generating opportunities
  • Improved Visitor Experience

  • Numerous, easy Log-In options
  • Encourages users to decrease load on their mobile data usage
  • Immediate awareness of venue services
  • Guarantees a family-friendly experience through content filtering
  • Total engagement from start to finish
  • Positive Financial Impact

  • No hidden costs on infrastructure
  • Location-based advertising, and monetization services
  • Innovative revenue streams by understanding user behavior
  • Increased exposure to venue deals
  • Inventive revenue, increased overall profit, definite ROI
  • Enhanced Business Processes

  • Customer satisfaction surveys ensure continuous service development
  • Delivers actionable reports & analytics that support smarter, faster decision making
  • Offers back-office functionality that streamlines routine administrative tasks
  • Continuous concentration on service enrichment

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