perfektus one


The power of information to accelerate your business

Our mission

We take advantage of data that comes from a range of operations in your company to turn them into valuable information that allows you to make decisions in real time, minimizing expenses, increasing revenue and optimizing operations. All this is achieved by implementing perfektus one.

How we do it

We are a Mexican company with more than 8 years of experience providing technological solutions to customers in the automotive, appliance, and plastic injection industries.

Thanks to our software platform perfektus one (currently only available in Spanish), we are bringing our customers into the Industry 4.0 era. The true power of Industry 4.0 is achieved by obtaining and sharing the information of the digitally connected machines through perfektus one. In this way your company becomes more efficient, more productive and generates less waste.

We created perfektus one with technology that allows us to connect different devices, regardless of brand, that produce information, like cameras, motors, sensors, PLCs, robots. We call this Industrial Internet of Things.

We use the power of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence to gather, interpret and give meaning to all that information, which is then sent back in real time to the people who need it. This information can be visualized in a dashboard installed on the manufacturing floor, on the screen of your computer, or on your mobile phone. Whenever you need it. Wherever you need it.

Why should you implement perfektus one

Perfektus one can be implemented in manufacturing plants or at retail stores. The information we gather is converted into valuable and actionable KPIs that benefit managers and directors so they can be better informed when they have to make decisions.

In manufacturing plants we help production, maintenance and quality teams be always informed about their processes. Using specialized predictive intelligence, we help them analyze the information as it flows in real time. With this information we can predict the best time to give maintenance to a machine or predict the total energy consumption for a manufacturing line in the month. It can also be applied to predict how much scrap will be generated and the main reasons. With this information, actions can be taken in time to prevent problems and defects in the production.

In retail stores we help owners and managers determine the effectiveness of a store by knowing the conversion rate between potential customers and actual sales. By understanding how many customers enter the store, understand how the move inside, and capturing their emotions when paying or looking at the products, we can maximize the sales potential by recommending different layout of products at different times of day. We also measure the actual impact of advertising campaigns by identifying the actual increase in customers entering the store, segmenting them by gender and age.

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