IRIS Intelligence Request & Information System

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Intelligence Request & Information System (IRIS)

IRIS stands for Intelligence Request & Information System, which is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline intelligence request, communication, and dissemination processes for law enforcement agencies. IRIS offers features such as request management, simple account and visibility management, output consistency and control, and defined report creation workflow with support for common file formats. IRIS is a cloud based; SaaS solution accessible by any device with a web browser and requires no expensive specialized equipment or personnel to maintain and operate. IRIS is designed to be an affordable tool to help maximize the effectiveness of real-time crime centers and analysts, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance with government regulations.
IRIS is a modern web app hosted, which means there are no installs, hardware or hidden costs.
Information Sharing:
IRIS provides the ability for information sharing, internally and
externally, through a secure RFI portal. IRIS also provides a chat function that enables users to track conversations related to a specific topic request, while preventing conversations from "bleeding" into other platforms such as email, texts, or instant messages.
Request tracking:
IRIS allows users to track, manage, and report on assignments, priorities and workloads to ensure that no work items are lost.
Full text search:
IRIS provides a full text search feature that enables users to easily reuse data that has already been gathered, reducing data redundancy.
IRIS comports with CJIS and is designed to be government ready and suitable for use in any law enforcement application.
IRIS is also offered in other languages.

IRIS Testimonial:

I highly recommend IRIS because I saw firsthand how IRIS revolutionized and optimized our operations, thus empowering us to deliver on our mission to serve and protect our community with the highest level of proficiency.

What sets IRIS apart from other programs?

· The Founders: Both Founders have extensive intelligence background with experience overseas. Their understanding of the intelligence process surpassed any other software company we encountered.

· The Performance: IRIS organizes, validates, and provides efficient and relevant information to end-users.

· The Efficiency: IRIS tracks, manages, & streamlines workflow.

· The Collaboration: IRIS provides insights into the activities of other agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, thus fostering a fusion of resources.

· The Support: The IRIS Team provided exceptional customer service with professional and responsive support."

LT (RET) Sean Arthur, Sheriff’s Office (Florida)

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