CAP Workflow

Autor: Iteris Consultoria e Software Ltda

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CAP Workflow enable organizations to create and to automate processes along all departments.

Build your workflows in a few minutes!

CAP allows you to automate many business areas and operations: Sales, Customer Services, Post-sales, Accounting, IT and Service Desk, Shared Services, HR, Internal Controls, Backoffice, BPOs, Call Center etc.

- Create a Workflow Catalog to your organization.

- All your workflows in one place! Say goodbye to e-mails, excel sheets and paper based forms.

- Track business processes step by step.

- Capture information all along the process with field defined by yourself.

- Be prepared for the audit process.

- Control how and when you want to be notified about your tasks and events.

- Use your SharePoint Online document libraries as attachment storage and optimize your investments.

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