Kanverse - AI for Enterprise


Kanverse AI Platform - Industry first platform made for Enterprise AI

Kanverse An AI Powered Cross platform enterprise smartbot – changing the way an enterprise works .

Kanverse Simplifies Enterprise collaboration, set reminders, reschedule calendars and a lot more, a simple English instruction from a user to a virtual assistant in the Kanverse app on mobile. Kanverse interprets the intent from a plain English sentence(or a voice command) leverages an advanced NLP engine and routes the request automatically to Office 365.
The solution is built on Microsoft stack leveraging Azure services.

Kanverse lets you focus on your priorities and helps you make smarter decisions. Kanverse AI Platform comes prebuilt with various enterprise connectors e.g.:- Office365, Salesforce, Oracle, Atlassian etc helping you build a next generation smarter enterprise.
Maximize your business efficiencies by leveraging an intelligent self-service digital assistant. Being cross-platform in nature it also helps in having a single-centric bot for an entire organization.

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