Navori as a Service



MANAGE ALL YOUR DIGITAL SIGNAGE DISPLAYS WITH NAVORI PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SERVER It's the heart of any digital signage software. The CMS server works with a database to track everything managed by the system. It stores information about: Each locations and media player All the content stored on the system Who can access as well as manage the content. This is where many solutions fail. Sometimes the database is inefficient, or the software starts to slow down after you hit a certain limit of players, content or users. You need a CMS server that is efficient and reliable. One that is built on solid technologies, and will easily scale as your needs grow. There is nothing more important than scalable software for any growing business. We offer you the best cloud-based digital signage solution running our CMS servers on Microsoft Azure. - CMS server is the backend application. It’s running on a Microsoft Windows IIS server(s) and a Microsoft SQL database. - Support for Microsoft Azure SQL databases with fail over and geo localization support. - New content delivery network CDN add-on module: Player media downloads are performed using Microsoft Azure BLOB, extending server scalability to twelve thousand players or more.
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