Luminate Store Fulfillment

Autor: JDA Software - Global

Elevate your customer experience with store operations delivered at your fingertips

In today’s high-stakes landscape, one bad experience can send your consumers right into a competitor’s store. Store managers must think quickly on their feet, balance customer service with important business objectives such as reducing food waste, managing cash and preventing fraud. With multiple factors contributing to how shoppers interact with your brand, arming staff with the right support can allow them to focus on more pressing matters and tasks.
Achieving operational excellence can drive you toward greater market share and increased profitability. To help meet these challenges, businesses need advanced support that automates the management of inventory and cash, schedule staff based on an accurate traffic forecasts, and provide visibility and analysis of results across the enterprise.
To stay competitive, you need a single platform that transforms store operations, both back office and front-of-store. Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based store operations capabilities optimize back-office tasks so that your managers can put more time and energy into the front of the store, serving customers and increasing sales.
With Blue Yonder’s store operations capabilities, you’ll get a full view of the inventory lifecycle. Teams can drive sales and reduce costs with the help of comprehensive forecasting, ordering and replenishment capabilities, as well as item and price management, fuel operations, employee scheduling and time and attendance management, leading to a tangible return on your investment.

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