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Celiveo 365 Secure Printing for Microsoft 365 and Universal Print

Celiveo 365 Business Edition is a Cloud extension to Universal Print by Microsoft, securing your documents, easing printing and controlling print cost.

Among many features it is adding:

    • User authentication on supported printers* and MFPs *with support for PIN codes, cards** and Microsoft credentials
    • High Availability to authenticate on MFPs even when Internet is off, i.e. to make a copy
    • Advanced secure pull print, print jobs follow users to their chosen printer
    • Strong encryption of documents from Universal Print to your printers, each document has a unique encryption key
    • Detailed usage and cost reports on printers* and MFP*, covering print, copy, scan, fax, email
    • High security and scalability with end-to-end Zero Trust Access architecture
    • Powerful printer fleet management and configuration and through the Celiveo Web Admin portal
    • Deep integration with Universal Print and AAD, from cross-configuration to access rights management

Celiveo 365 Business Edition is simple to use and manage, safe and automatically adapts to your printer fleet size.

Its intelligence is in Azure and inside an agent running at the printer level, communicating directly with Universal Print and Azure.

No gateway, no software in a VM in the Cloud or on-premise means direct, fast and safe peer-to-peer communication.

Celiveo 365 Business Edition is easy to subscribe and flexible: the subscription is priced with a maximum number of distinct users per month and tokens are floating, not tied to specific users.

Users of Celiveo 365 Business Edition need to have a Microsoft Universal Print subscription, potentially with volume add-on packs to cover the per-document charges by Microsoft beyond the included capacity.

There is no installation needed in Azure, end-users who print just need to have one of the following Microsoft 365 licenses:

Microsoft 365 Enterprise F3, E3, E5, A3, A5
Windows 10 Enterprise E3, E5, A3, A5
Microsoft 365 Business Premium

More details here: License Universal Print | Microsoft Docs

*: list of supported printers on

**: card reader to be acquired separately and installed on printers, many standard card readers are supported

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