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Business Processes Automation with Chat Bots on the base of MS Bot Framework


  • Automation of business operation and internal business processes.
  • Decreasing the workload for IT Service and Technical Support Service.
  • Incoming requests distribution in automatic mode, determination of initial interest in request.


Convenient and cost-effective solution for processing of incoming requests. You can customize the bot to your company's needs and connect with various Azure services:

  • Information Bot is able to answer questions, defined in the knowledge base or the list of questions and answers using Cognitive Services QnAMaker. In addition, Bot can answer more open questions using Azure search.
  • Bot for commercial requests. Simultaneous Use of services Azure Bot and Language Understanding allows to create conversational interfaces for banks, travel agencies, entertainment companies and etc. You can improve standard communication with customers via emails or phone. With Azure AD you can identify the guest, and with the help of CognitiveServices to manage voice and text requests based on context.
  • Bot to increase the company productivity. Azure Bot can be easy integrated with Language Understanding service, it helps to create some multi-functional bots to increase company productivity. Bots can be integrated with external systems, for example, with Office 365 calendars, customer data bases in Dynamics and etc. It helps company to simplify daily tasks.


Solution helps to improve the standard communication with clients, increase the company productivity, simplify and speed up the daily tasks.

  • Decreasing processing time
  • Cost decreasing
  • Improving loyalty of employees and customers
  • Cheaper support
  • New possibilities for business
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Omnichannel
  • Business Digitalization
  • Mobile apps replacement
  • Easy to use

Why SoftLine?

Softline deploys the corporate bots based on Microsoft Azure with configuration of required services.

Work with high qualified Microsoft partner

Highest partner levels for deployment and support of cloud solutions.

Reliable and accessible technical support

Softline Technical support service provides support to thousands corporate customers all over the world and has unique experience in Azure.

In case it required, we assign Microsoft professionals to assist the cases.

Turnkey Cloud Solutions and additional services

Set up Chat Bot in Azureis the first step to the other effective solutions. Softline proposes other services: App migration to Azure, outsourcing of IT systems, build the forecast models based on machine learning.

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