The leadership coach in your pocket

Leadership is something you do. You don’t learn it in a classroom or watching videos. 
Adeption uses a behavior and learning science-based to digitally coach leaders.  Leaders sharpen their thinking and plan on-the-job action to improve and get results with AI enabled digital coaching ‘workouts’. 
Adeption enables leadership development at scale and therefore meeting the needs of millions of leaders in this complex world.
Key Benefits for Individuals:

  • Learning content matched to individual user needs.
  • An environment of collaboration is created enabling learning with peers.
  • Users are prompted to commit to action to reinforce behavior change.

Key Benefits for Organizations:

  • Increase the behavioral capability of your people.
  • Use of ‘Off the shelf’ learning experiences or configure bespoke learning experience.
  • Offer behavioral learning that works at scale, across geographies (Historically only available through time and cost intensive workshops and individual coaching).

Adeption is offered through a web platform and mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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