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Looking for real estate investment management solution or crowdfunding software? Try LenderKit.

LenderKit is an investment management and business automation software for real estate developers and SME crowdfunding platforms. LenderKit helps to automate capital raising cycle operations, streamline customer interactions and deal management. 

With LenderKit, an investment management firm is able to operate in the UK, USA (registered as a broker-dealer or funding portal if needed), Europe or the MENA region or in multiple regions at the same time. Since LenderKit is not bound to a particular jurisdiction due to its customizability and team behind the product, an investment management firm can leverage this software to its full potential and operate in the desired region more flexible compared to traditional white-label offers.

LenderKit is suitable for both starting businesses and established companies as it has diverse product offering lines and can be tailored to solve a particular challenge. For example, it can be used as a proof of concept or as a fully-functional crowdfunding platform to compete with the leading firms in the industry. 

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